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Our journey began with working alongside the aesthetic and permanent makeup industry where our aftercare products revealed remarkable healing power for irritated and inflamed skin. 

Receiving clients’ feedback, they revealed that our formula not only accelerated the healing process but also improved their client's overall skin condition.

Inspired by these incredible results and after receiving numerous requests from the artists, we decided to expand our expertise into skincare.

After extensive research and testing, DermaCalm Rescue Mist was born!

As a non-toxic brand, it is focused on truly healing the skin without interfering with the skin’s own healing power.

It supports sensitive, irritated, red, hormonal and inflamed skin by enhancing its own natural defence, helping it to calm down and recover.

But really, no matter your skin condition, the properties of the mist improve your overall skin health and enhances its natural radiance!

Our customer service team is available to assist you with advice, delivery, exchange and return queries, placing your order and aftercare assistance.


E-mail: info@dermacalm.co.uk

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