Backed by Evidence.

Powerful against all types of acne, from bacterial to hormonal and fungal.

Dial down redness to reveal your radiant skin.

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Soothes, Purifies and Repairs.

Simply spray and leave it to work.

Gently works through
light makeup, so you can still use Rescue Mist during the day to improve symptoms.

Helps to reduce scarring.

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Love your Skin Naturally.

Join the hundreds of satisfied customers enjoying clearer, healthier skin with Rescue Mist!

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"The Rescue Mist helped bring down my symptoms but using the Mini throughout the day is what really cleared my skin!"

-Laura J.

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A gentle mist, easy to add to your daily skin routine.

Simply spray your skin after cleansing or on-the-go when you are out and about.

Two bottle sizes: 'Full size' for daily skin routine and 'Mini' for your handbag or pocket.

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